What is the "Welty Difference" for Not-For-Profit clients?


We help you get the project funded.

  • Flexible terms on preconstruction services allow you to define a building that's most appealing to donors.
  • Our track record, including testimonials from satisfied NFP clients, helps sell your project.

We can navigate the sometimes choppy waters of Not-for-Profits: numerous decision-makers, phased-in funding, and high expectations.

  • Our experience and our "team" approach make Welty a natural fit with your team.
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Our effective methods show you how to maximize mission and margin.

  • Our attention to detail in the planning stage allows us to identify not only cost savings, but economical ways to add some of those "wow factor" items that will put our project over the top.

Above all, Welty's promise that your building will be done on time and on budget isn't based on wishful thinking. It rests on our proven process. With all the variables involved in constructing a Not-for-Profit building, we're the one thing you can count on.

Welty - The Premier Building Experience