Green Buildings

shovel in grassy field

LEED® Certification and green building principles come “naturally” to Welty. It's not just about “touching the ground lightly.” A healthy work environment makes workers more productive. And in the long run, energy-saving systems have value for everyone; that's something we help clients understand on every project.

Ensuring documentation of material origins, measuring and documenting VOCs from thixotropic products, and working with architects toward green building practices are all part of the LEED's requirements, and the Welty way.

Our approach to LEED Certification starts in the pre-construction phase. Welty will work with you and the design consultant to establish the LEED points we wish to pursue. And we'll work with the Design and Construction professionals to find acceptable sources for materials, define work methods, and establish a list of approved suppliers.

During bidding and pre-award, Welty will interview successful providers to ensure their understanding of the LEED objectives, and we'll document their understanding as part of our final contract.

Finally, we'll monitor compliance during construction, and document that compliance.

It's the same thoroughness and attention to detail that we apply to every other aspect of your project. If it's important to you, your workers and the planet, it's important to Welty.

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